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Discover the varieties of Canadian whiskey that you can buy in the Newark Duty Free shops. Get the best Canadian whiskey, produced by classic distilleries that get a unique result. If you are looking for a soft and delicate whiskey, the varieties produced in Canada will surprise you with their fantastic taste. Do not miss the opportunity to buy your alcoholic beverages without taxes as you pass through Newark.

Canadian whiskey brands such as Canadian Club or Crown Royal are some of the bottles you can buy in the Newark Duty Free shops. Get the perfect bottle of whiskey for your favorite cocktail, or simply enjoy the flavor of the best Canadian whiskies by tasting them alone and in all their splendor in a glass with plenty of ice.

Moreover, if you plan to buy tax free whiskey in Newark when you fly, the Duty Free shops' Reserve & Collect service is specially designed for you. Thanks to this exclusive advantage, you can browse our Canadian whiskey online catalogue and place your order conveniently through our website. Your purchases will be ready to be picked up at Newark up to two hours before your flight. Order your Canadian whiskey online in the Duty Free shops now!